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Saar Forge: Production of high quality forgings

2021-10-23 08:18:10

Saar Forge: Production of high quality forgings

Saarland Forge is engaged in the production of high-quality forgings. Saarland Forging's core business is large rotors for power generation. Saarland Forge also offers high-quality free forgings in the production of special alloys, general mechanical and pressed steel. Saarland Forge has two blacksmith stores, old and new, which combine traditional and modern manufacturing techniques. Today, Saarland Forge can be called one of the more modern free forging companies in the world.

At the China International Metal Stamping Show 2014, China Forging Network interviewed Mr. Yang Gu Yong, China Market Development and Customer Service Agent of Saar Forge, Germany, who introduced the development history of Saar Forge and the current challenges faced by the company.

Reporter: Hello, I am Luo Wenhui, a reporter from China Forging. This is the scene of the 2014 Golden Gong Show, and we still take the theme of "excavating the stories of famous people in the forging industry and recording the history of forging classics". We have interviewed Mr. Yang Guyong, the Chinese market development and customer service agency of German Saar forging plant. So, Mr. Yang, what should we pay attention to when we visit the 2014 China International Metalforming Exhibition?


Mr. Yang: Over the years, we have supported and participated in various local industry events related to forging and power generation equipment, such as various industry summits organized by your forging association and the China Machinery Federation. Through this year's Metalforming International Trade Fair, we are focusing on the real trends in the metalforming industry and helping Saarland to plan its future development strategies. At the same time, we hope to meet old friends, learn about their new developments and meet new customers.

Reporter: Saarland Forge produces high quality forgings.

Mr. Yahn: Saarland Forging's main business is power generation equipment forgings, especially various forgings for high-power gas turbines, super/ultra-supercritical turbines for thermal power plants and turbines for nuclear power plants. Of course, Saar is also a major supplier of rotor forgings for turbine generators. In addition to power generation equipment, Saar is also engaged in special forgings for general purpose machinery and equipment (e.g. pipe dies, rolls, pressure vessels, nuclear waste storage tanks, etc.) and die steel. In the area of special alloys, Saar has found markets and customers in a small number of high-end customers with high performance requirements for materials used in aerospace, high-temperature and low-temperature petrochemical applications.

Reporter: How has Saarland Forge developed in China in recent years, and how has it contributed to the development of the industry?

Mr. Yang: Saarland is one of the main forging suppliers to major Chinese power generation equipment manufacturers. Saarland has accumulated rich experience in advanced forging production technology abroad and brought it to China. Since entering the supercritical/ultra-supercritical market, Saarland has been committed to providing quality forgings to various manufacturers. At the same time, it also helps domestic manufacturers to develop their core business such as nuclear power equipment.

Reporter: The Saar forge has two blacksmith stores, one old and one new, blending traditional and modern production processes. Today, the original blacksmith store has been in production for more than 100 years. What noteworthy events have occurred during this time?

Mr. Yang.

Sara Milestones

In the 1960s, in order to actively develop the forging business for power equipment, a huge modernization was carried out with a 6,000-ton forging press as the leader; in the future, the single machine equipment was continuously renovated; further development of the production of forgings for power equipment exceeded the 2000-2008 phased investment A new workshop was built in 2008 with a huge investment, led by a 12,000-ton forging press (put into operation in May 2010). Today, Saarland has one of the more advanced and efficient free forging lines for power generation equipment in the world.

Reporter: The new forging plant was officially opened on May 8, 2010. Today, Saarland's forging plant is one of the more modern free forging plants in the world, what does this modernity mean?

Mr. Jane: Saarland is one of the world's leading producers of high efficiency turbines and gas turbines and has been working on high performance materials such as Cost E, FB2, 700°. High temperature alloy chromium-nickel-iron alloy.

Reporter: I know that Saar forging is very advanced in terms of production capacity, can Mr. Yang introduce the processing?

Mr. Yang: Saar forging has two modern production lines. In the new workshop, we mainly focus on the production of large forgings. The production process is very clear. From steel making to forging, then preheating treatment, pre-treatment, high performance heat treatment, inspection to finishing. In the old workshop, we are mainly engaged in the production and testing of wheel components for gas turbines, compressors and nuclear energy fields. Meanwhile, the old workshop is also responsible for the production of medium-sized forgings such as high and medium pressure rotors. We also have the world's more advanced fully automatic ultrasonic flaw detection equipment, five of which are dedicated to measuring wheel disc parts and three of which are dedicated to testing shaft parts, a quantity that is also unparalleled among our peers.

Reporter: With its advanced manufacturing and technical capabilities, what advantages does Saar Forge have in the competitive market?

Mr. Yang: Compared with our competitors, Saar has a lot of talents in the field of NDT, and we have 70 NDT experts. With the widespread use of fully automated NDT, we believe this is an advantage for us. In our opinion, major global power generation manufacturers such as General Motors/Alstom, Siemens, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Shanghai Turbine Works and Dongfang Turbine Works should focus on selecting multiple quality brand suppliers as strategic partners rather than managing and developing a group of so-called qualified suppliers.

Reporter: Where there are problems, there are opportunities. What challenges are companies currently facing? How can the association help?

Mr. Yang: The bigger problem we are currently facing is that the global market for power generation equipment is declining. However, in the long run, we believe that the market will slowly recover due to the promotion and use of high-efficiency steam and gas turbines. We will improve our competitiveness by continuously improving our manufacturing process.

Reporter: This content will be broadcasted through the professional video website of China Forging and Press Association - Wide Video Network (Wide Video Network is a professional video website that I will create for the forging, pressing and sheet metal industries, integrating corporate image, character interviews and live events). (We have a video network that allows people in our industry to watch the demonstration of advanced production lines at home and abroad without leaving home. The video network has become the preferred platform for enterprises to promote themselves, showcase themselves and market their products. ), what are your hopes and wishes for the future development of our video network?

Mr. Yang: Weide video network uses the more popular network technology to provide promotion services, so that all colleagues in the metalworking industry converge on this platform to communicate freely, learn from each other and make progress together. Only competition can lead to development, and the platform provided by China Forging and Press Association allows us to identify topics of common interest and share them together. Here, we feel the harmony and unity of forging, just like a big family. As the representative of Saar forging Greater China, we are glad to strengthen the cooperation with China Forging and Press Association and

contribute to the development of the industry. Then, thanks to China Forging and Press Association for giving us the opportunity to interview. (Imported die steel,Germany Saar,Germany Saar forging steel factory)

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