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Leading German forging company Saar Forge makes its debut at Asiamod 2016

2021-10-23 08:17:46

Saarschmiede GmbH (Saar Forge) has two old and new blacksmith stores that blend traditional and modern production techniques. By 2013, the original blacksmith store had 100 years of production history. After almost two years of construction, a new forge with a total investment of 450 million euros was opened on May 8, 2010. This investment is one of the larger single investments in Saarland, and in the entire Federal Republic of Germany. It can be said that Saar Forge is by far the more modern free forging company in the world.

Main product introduction.

Special alloys

Saar Forge Steel is now one of the world's leading suppliers of specialty alloys and high temperature alloys for demanding applications. The company's product portfolio includes ultra-high strength heat-treated steels, maraging steels, heat-resistant steels, stainless steels including precipitation-hardening stainless steels, bearing steels and high-quality structural steels, as well as nickel and cobalt-based heat-resistant parts. Various raw materials are machined into bars, discs, rings, hollow parts and prefabricated molded parts. With spindles ranging from 2 to 30 tons, we produce smaller parts (machined to tight tolerances) and very large workpieces. With a wide range of equipment and various vacuum metallurgy technologies, we can produce a wide range of materials to meet the more stringent requirements. VIM, VAR and ESR, as well as triple melting technologies, form the basis of our company's production of advanced materials. Nickel-Cobalt Alloy Tape Alloy718 Our nickel-cobalt alloy parts are exposed to extremely high temperatures and have a high degree of stability. Our customers represent all areas of life, including the energy industry (gas turbines and high-efficiency power equipment), the chemical industry (compressors for the production of polyester bottles), the petrochemical industry (which must ensure resistance to acid and salt) corrosive environments), marine engineering, industrial furnace manufacturing (high temperature applications) and the tool steel processing industry (semi-finished forgings; steels for the manufacture of plastic molds for the automotive industry and various other parts with extremely high wear resistance are a must).

We produce stainless and special steels for use in a variety of harsh environments, such as high humidity, high corrosion or high friction, where the requirements for steel strength are particularly high. Saar Forging Steel's customers include manufacturers of electrical equipment (hydropower), shipbuilding, shipbuilding and shipbuilding (ship propeller shafts; special non-magnetized materials), the oil and gas industry (components related to refinery safety) , the food industry, the chemical industry and the nuclear industry (parts for cooling water pumps).

Saar Forge Steel supplies components in a wide range of sizes and weights and in a variety of grades and finishes for the mechanical engineering sector on a global basis. Each part is melted, forged, hardened, tempered and machined according to the customer's specific material requirements. Our close communication with our customers and our many years of professional experience allow us to find the best functional and economical solutions. At the same time, we are constantly improving our processes in the field of general mechanical engineering and are happy to advise our customers on the further development of their materials.

Saar Forge Steel produces a wide range of products for heavy engineering customers, mainly components for press production (rods, spacers, nuts, bushings and cylinders) and rolling mill technology (connecting spindles and connecting spindle heads). In addition, we produce forged shafts for drive systems between engines and propellers for ocean-going vessels. In addition, Saarland Forging & Steel has implemented several major projects in the field of heavy equipment, including special equipment.

Germany Saarland steel factory,import mold steel,Germany Saarland

Hollow cylinders with a final weight of up to 100 tons, produced by Saar Forge Steel for the power industry, are the main components of the nuclear transport vessel and guarantee the safe transport of fuel rods. Therefore, the corresponding forgings must meet high material quality requirements.

 We produce long-lasting molds for ductile iron water pipes that have been benefiting our customers for decades. Our molds can produce large diameter DN 2000mm high value liquid transfer pipes which can deliver liquids to target locations hundreds of kilometers away.

Our products are used to extend the shelf life of food products, to produce powder metallurgy and "almost pure" ceramic components, or to test marine equipment in field conditions. Mandrel forged or solid forged through holes, our vessel bodies are the core of isostatic presses and can withstand extreme pressures of up to 5,000 bar. We offer our customers a full range of services from the smelting of modern structural and stainless steels to the production of ready-to-install equipment for subsequent pressure measurement at the factory.

We manufacture solid or composite forged rolls, hot rolls with excellent elongation, neck strength and toughness, high bending fatigue strength, and higher quality forgings for mills used in international rolling production. We manufacture rolls for a variety of applications. For example, plate benders equipped with Saar Forge Steel rolls can be used to form steel plates up to 26 m long (pipe-making or shipbuilding).

In the mining industry, Saar Forging Steel manufactures giant crushing shafts for ore crushers weighing up to 100 tons. Saar Forge Steel's conveyor shafts are also used for the transport and further processing of raw materials such as ore or coal. In addition, we produce forging rings that are processed as a major product by our customers into tunnel augers.

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Address: No.4, Alshan Branch Road, Bishan District, Chongqing