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Heat Treatment


                  The heat treatment equipment is imported from Taiwan, and the heat treatment technology is provided by Daido Amistar

                  CoWe can provide the same excellent heat treatment quality as Japan to our customers.

     Stable quality and beautiful appearance of vacuum heat treatment

     Processing size: 600*600*900mm

     Quenching temperature:1300℃

     Manufacturers:Taiwan Nan Sheng

     Atmospheric furnace:Treatment can be adjusted according to the


     Processing Size:Ø800*1500H

     Quenching temperature:1100℃

     Manufacturers:Taiwan Nan Sheng

     HIT:High toughness heat treatment method

     ①Improved toughness

     ②Improves softening resistance

     ③Improved thermal fatigue resistance

     Applicable steel grades:DHA1、DH31-EX、DHA1-A

     Ultra-deep cooling: ultra-low temperature treatment for the

     decomposition of the residual austenite in the steel after heat


     ①Can improve mold hardness and uniformity

     ②High stability

     ③Improved wear resistance

     ④Prevents changes over the years

     ⑤Improve magnetic properties




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